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The Embassy protests against the presentation of the book defaming Lithuanian history

Created: 2016.10.12 / Updated: 2016.10.12 20:07

A book distorting the tragic events of January 13, 1991 will be presented tomorrow, October 13, in the capital of Lombardy. Written by a persona non grata in Lithuania, Ms. Galina Sapozhnikova, and titled "Lithuanian conspiracy. How the Soviet Union collapsed, and what happened to those who tried to save it", the publication deliberately misinforms the Italian society, falsifies the Lithuanian history by providing false facts with the aim to defile the memory of Lithuanian freedom fighters of 1990s and spreads ideas that undermine the existence of the independent state of Lithuania.

The Embassy strongly opposes this event and regrets that this publication will be presented on the premises of the renowned Italian Mondadori bookstore network.

Lithuanian Embassy in Italy expressed its concerns with this conjuncture and handed over letters of protest to the organizers of the presentation and administration of the bookstore. The Embassy emphasized the danger to free societies that lies within such irresponsible spread of tendentious literature.

Lithuanian Embassy urges the Lithuanians living in Milan to disseminate the message about the real and undistorted events of January 13, 1991. 

For more information about the Soviet military aggression against Lithuania on January 13, 1991, please visit Seimas website.

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