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Lithuanian passport

Created: 2014.09.05 / Updated: 2014.09.05 11:40

Applications to issue/to change the Passport of Republic of Lithuania are accepted only from citizens of Republic of Lithuania permanently residing abroad (who has declared their departure from Lithuania). Declaration also can be done at the Embassy immediately before the submission of the application for the passport.

What documents should be personally submitted to the Embassy?

  • Application to issue/replace passport (to be filled-in and signed at the Embassy)
  • Document proving personal identity and citizenship of Lithuania (passport or personal ID card).
    • In case the document is lost – other document with photo and certificate issued by Italian police about the loss of the document.
    • In case foreigner has acquired Lithuanian citizenship – valid passport of foreign country, certificate of the right of preservation of Lithuanian citizenship, the document proving the right to live in Lithuania or other travel documents.
    • Certificate of birth, in case documents proving personal identity and citizenship of Lithuania have not been issued previously.
  • At least 2 identical photos of 40x60mm size on the same page of paper. Please find the main requirements for photos on the scheme, more detailed requirements are provided here;  
  • Other documents, if data of the applicant do not comply with the data in the residents’ register or are not included in it (child’s travel document, certificate of marriage, certificate of name change etc.).  Italian documents – certificates of birth, marriage, etc. - must be approved with “Apostille” and translated to Lithuanian.

Biometric data (fingertips) of citizens of Lithuania (above age of 12) is scanned at the Embassy. Example of the signature is taken from those above the age of 14.

Consular fee for the issuance/replacement of the passport is 100 EUR (50 EUR for person under 18 years old or having age for social pension).

Individuals under 16 years old applying for the issuance / replacement of passport must be accompanied by one of the parents or legal guardian. The participation of  citizens under 1 year old is not necessary.

By person‘s request and by his own expenses, a new passport can be sent via safe post (courier). After recieving a new passport, the person must inform the Embassy within 5 days by sending written notice.

If passport is not collected via the period of one year from the date of issue, it is returned to the passport service.


  • The issuance/replacement of passport takes from 2/4/6 weeks or 1/2/3 months (depending on the data of the applicant in the Public Register and Schedule of the diplomatic post).
  • Personal ID cards are not issued/replaced  by diplomatic missions or consular offices of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Citizens of the Republic of Lithuania permanently residing abroad (who has declared their departure from Lithuania) for the issuance / replacement of passport can also apply to any migration section of the local police offices in the Republic of Lithuania.
  • Working hours of the Embassy and public reception hours of the consular section.

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