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Landsbergis tells Romania's Foreign Minister: “Provision of military aid to Ukraine is now vital “

Created: 2023.03.14 / Updated: 2023.03.14 09:03
    Landsbergis tells Romania's Foreign Minister: “Provision of military aid to Ukraine is now vital “

    On 13 March, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Gabrielius Landsbergis met with the Foreign Minister of Romania Bogdan Aurescu, who was visiting Vilnius. Landsbergis emphasized that we should support Ukraine’s fight by believing in its final victory, not just considering standing up to the aggressor.

    “We must not doubt that Ukraine can win this war on the battlefield. With the support of all of us, Ukraine can - and must - win this war. We are witnessing huge changes on the European continent and in the world. If we do not help Ukraine today, there will be even more confusion and much less respect for the rules-based international order,” said the head of Lithuania’s diplomacy.

    As regards the priorities of the upcoming Vilnius NATO summit, Landsbergis noted that further practical steps were needed to ensure forward defence and security on the eastern flank. Lithuania will also seek ambitious proposals at the summit regarding Ukraine’s rapprochement with NATO and an agreement on raising defence spending by NATO countries.

    “Russia continues its brutal war against Ukraine. Thus, we must strengthen our countries’ military deterrence potential and bilateral cooperation from the North to the South of the Alliance. I want to take the opportunity to thank Romania for its decision to resume NATO’s Air Policing mission from Šiauliai in early April”, said Landsbergis. Lithuania’s Foreign Minister and his Romanian counterpart discussed bilateral cooperation, regional security strengthening, and support of both countries and the international community for Ukraine.

    Lithuania’s Foreign Minister underlined that Lithuania supported Romanian efforts to increase Moldova’s energy security by ensuring alternative supply and significant financial and humanitarian support and also contributed to increasing Moldova’s resilience by implementing targeted projects. “We greatly appreciate Romania’s leadership and assistance in achieving Moldova’s European integration. In the European Union, we must take concrete measures against those who seek to destabilize the situation in the country or change its European integration direction. Lithuania and Romania are close associates in many international formats”, said Landsbergis.

    When discussing creating the International Special Tribunal to prosecute the crime of aggression, Landsbergis voiced Lithuania’s position that it was the most appropriate legal tool to hold top Russian leaders to account for all crimes committed in Ukraine. Landsbergis also thanked Romania for its involvement and expert contribution to the discussions regarding establishing this tribunal.

    At the meeting, Landsbergis expressed Lithuania’s strong support for Romania and Bulgaria’s membership of the Schengen area. “The Commission says that both countries have fulfilled the membership criteria. We support efforts to put this issue back on the EU agenda and are ready to contribute. We hope that a positive decision on membership will be made by the end of this year,” Lithuania’s Foreign Minister noted.

    Landsbergis also reassured his counterpart Aurescu that Lithuania firmly supported Romania’s aspirations to join the OECD and welcomed the progress made by the country. “Earlier this month, a delegation led by the National Coordinator for Romania’s OECD Accession Process visited Lithuania. We shared the experience of Lithuania’s accession to the OECD and organisation membership with our Romanian colleagues. We are ready to continue helping Romania in this process”, noted Landsbergis.

    In Vilnius, the Foreign Minister of Romania Aurescu also met with the Speaker of the Seimas (Parliament) of Lithuania Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen.

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