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Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Russia's intention to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus

Created: 2023.03.26 / Updated: 2023.03.30 18:47

We are closely following the situation regarding the statement on Russia's plans to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus, and see this as yet another attempt by two unpredictable dictatorial regimes to threaten their neighbours and the entire European continent. These are desperate moves by Putin and Lukashenko to create another wave of tension and destabilisation in Europe. These actions are dragging Belarus further into the war with Ukraine and into confrontation with the democratic world. Belarus, which is increasingly losing its sovereignty, supports and aids Russian aggression, and gets integrated more and more closely into Russia's military plans, is an additional risk factor for the Baltic region. Lithuania will discuss with its Euro-Atlantic partners how to respond to these militaristic plans of the Russian and Belarusian regimes. As part of the response, Lithuania will call for the adoption of new sanctions.

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